Privacy Policy

At, we value your privacy and believe in keeping all of your information confidential. We also believe in staying true to the core of our business, which is domain names and branding.

We don't under ANY conditions take part in:

  • Selling or distributing personal information
  • Selling or distributing information obtained from
  • Spam or promotion of third party services

Data Collected

Various user data is collected by Data such as name, address, email, phone number is collected for the purpose of service transactions. We use a third party payment gateway and we don't store credit card information.

Data such as query logs and cookie sessions are collected for the purpose of tracking affiliate sales and ensuring compliance with the terms of use agreement.

 These logs serve as a temporary cache to ensure that future lookups are performed faster and with higher levels of efficiency. Query logs and detailed reports are regularly purged from our servers to avoid legal liability and to ensure that your privacy is maintained.

Data Security

Our data resides at a local data center facility on owned or leased servers. We take serious measures to ensure that our data is not accessible by unauthorized individuals.